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A collection of imaginative, surreal, dream-like, whimsical, absurd, and strange fairy tale, fantasy, and sci-fi adventures of longing, discovery, surprises, secrets, escape, wonder, awe, eeriness, unusual gadgets, change, exploration, and strange happenings in everyday life.

These fables will make great story starters for young adults and reluctant readers.

–  a man meets a giant while wandering in the wilderness.

–  a house suddenly takes flight.

–  small eggs grow from a girl’s ear.

–  a bus driver spills all the secrets of the town, or is he really lying?

–  a father slowly winds down, only to be replaced by another.

–  people jump into sunspots to see where they will take them.

–  some kids go floating into the sky, then climbing on clouds where they meet up with some other people.

–  two kids accidentally tip over a beaker in a secret lab, unleashing a cloudy mist.

–  a woman realizes she has married a ghastly beast.

With underlying themes of fragility, uncertainty, impermanence, the mysteries hidden in everyday life, discovery, escape, concealment, ennui, sadness, loneliness, isolation, technology run amok, strange machines, eerie vibes, irresponsible behavior, confusion, change, absurd situations, Tony Rauch is a worthy successor to the artistry and imagination of the likes of Barry Yourgrau and Ray Bradbury.

what others are saying:

“Wonderful, pithy, sharp tales from a new master of the absurdly clever. There are glimmers of Barthelme and maybe Calvino in the twists and turns of the beguilingly rhythmic prose and bizarre conceits taken to magnificent conclusions; and yet Rauch is decidedly his own man. I anticipate that we’ll be using the word “Rauchy” twenty years from now to describe a new lapidary style.”

Rhys Hughes, author of Link Arms with Toads!

“Like Zoran Živković, Stepan Chapman, Rhys Hughes and Michael Cisco, Tony Rauch astonishes from the ground up to the stratosphere with his wry surrealism, emotion-charged absurdities, quiet catastrophes and truer-than-life hyperbolic scenarios. These tales pack immense power into their compact forms. Not a single word of the precise descriptions or engaging dialogue is wasted or misplaced. Rauch finds odd magic in the overlooked quotidian environments of school and home, workplace and marketplace.”

Paul Di Filippo, author of A Princess of the Linear Jungle

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