more trouble on planet earth

yet to be accepted for publication


A collection of imaginative, surreal, dream-like, whimsical, absurd, and strange fairy tale, fantasy, and sci-fi adventures of longing, discovery, surprises, secrets, escape, wonder, awe, eeriness, unusual gadgets, exploration, change, and strange happenings in everyday life. These fables will make great story starters for young adults and reluctant readers.

–  aliens visit a farmer to return his hybrid offspring.

–  a boy receives a tape in the mail that may be his voice from the future.

–  a scientist’s hair causes the catastrophic collapse of the entire ecosystem.

–  a man splits into two people.

–  a boy is kidnapped by strange underground creatures who bring him to meet a potential bride.

With underlying themes of fragility, uncertainty, impermanence, the mysteries hidden in everyday life, discovery, escape, concealment, ennui, sadness, loneliness, technology run amok, eerie vibes, irresponsible behavior, confusion, change, absurd situations, Tony Rauch is a worthy successor to the artistry and imagination of Barry Yourgrau and Ray Bradbury.

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