i’m right here

published by Spout Press

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A collection of romantic, funky, jazzy, surreal, dream-like, absurd, experimental, arty fairy tale adventures of longing and escape that serve as little postcards from the lonely regions of the human heart.

These tales are about people trying to find their place in an indifferent world, and the surprises, discoveries, revelations, secrets,  and strange happenings they encounter along the way –

–  romantic frustrations abound when attracted to a woman who can only meow.

–  a great worm knocks at a man’s door, claiming to be his offspring.

–  a man has the siding of his house stolen by a drunk who phones him afterwards.

–  a peeping tom torments a man with a flashlight.

–  a man writes a 400,000 page love letter, attempting to woo an illusive woman.

–  a mail carrier shouts suggestions along his route.

–  a man steals to provide his wife with material for her sculptures.

–  a secret agent kidnaps you, and considers deprogramming you, converting you.

With underlying themes of fragility, impermanence, the mysteries hidden  in everyday life, escape, loneliness, discovery, longing and confusion, these tales are worthy successors to the absurdity and imagination of Donald Barthelme, Barry Yourgrau, and Ray Bradbury.


This collection of experimental short fiction paints a surreal landscape of secret agents, Scott Baio, ostriches, and professional wrestling – each story building on the last to give a bizarre, off-balance commentary on the isolation, loneliness and chaos of modern urban society.

what others are saying:

[Rauch’s] writing is exciting, provocatively quirky, and thought provoking. I deeply appreciate [his] expert mixing of the bizarre with the realistic, and I adore that [he] blends and remixes different genres to create something entirely new.

– The Toad, Virginia Tech

“I’m right here” is a success. . . it’s something all it’s own done in an original and often pleasantly insane way.

– Rain Taxi, review of books

If William Borroughs and Garrison Keillor had a love child in a parallel universe, it would be Tony Rauch! One part Dadaism, two parts mad poetry of the wide open spaces of the mind, Rauch’s stories inhabit their peculiar corner of the universe with the down home authenticity of Lutheran pie.

Jonis Agee, author South of Resurrection

Laced with the zaniness and ironies of contemporary life and the wit to deal with them. Reading i’m right here, I was reminded of the first time I read Tom Robbins. This book will shake unwary folk right out of their complexes. It will knock their Birkenstocks off.

Jim Heynen, author One Room Schoolhouse

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