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A collection of absurd, whimsical, romantic, jazzy, surreal, existential, and strange adventures of longing, discovery, surprises, secrets, identity, escape, strange happenings, and endurance that serve as little postcards from the lonely regions of the human heart.

These tales of wonder are about people trying to find their place in an indifferent world, and their discoveries, revelations, secrets, connections, and odd encounters along the way –

–  a man wakes in a coffin being carried by a group of natives.

–  a group goes in search of the most boring person alive.

–  a man encounters people who keep asking him for advice.

–  a group tries to convert one of their friends into a caveman.

–  a man grows a giant beehive hairdo in order to annoy people.

–  a group of people give one of their friends unusual birthday presents.

–  someone wakes to find an enormous sphincter has grown on his wall.

–  someone goes into work to find the aftermath of a wild party in an elevator.

With themes of fragility, uncertainty, impermanence, the mysteries hidden in everyday life, discovery, escape, concealment, ennui, loneliness, technology run amok, eerie vibes, irresponsible behavior, confusion, change, identity, absurd situations, Tony Rauch is a worthy successor to the artistry and absurdism of Donald Barthelme and Steve Martin.

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