Tony Rauch

I am an architectural and urban designer, and an all-around great guy filled with nothing but good things. Good things.

I have four books published – short story collections – select each title for info and story samples –

4.) what if I got down on my knees? – romantic misadventures and entanglements

3.) eyeballs growing all over me . . again  – young adult fairy tale surreal fantasy action adventure sci-fi short stories (although adults will dig these fables too)

2.) Laredo  – funky/jazzy/arty fairy tale short stories

1.) I’m Right Here  – funky/jazzy/arty/experimental short stories

These books are available at

I am looking for a publisher for the additional collections of my short stories that are ready to go. Refer to the “books” link on the upper right for details and story samples.

For more info, refer to my facebook page, or email me at rauch66 (at)